Terme Fındığı

Terme Fındığı

  • Terme Hazelnut

gıda (fındık için söylendiğinde)

fındık (hazelnut)

  • The fruit of the hazel, especially Corylus avellana, which is grown commercially.
  • Beloved for its toasty, rich taste, the hazelnut (also known as the filbert or cobnut) is the fruit of Corylus avellana, the common hazel, a tree in the birch family that’s native to Europe and Western Asia. The hazelnut has a long history of human consumption, with evidence of a large-scale nut processing operation on the island of Colonsay, Scotland dating back nearly 8,000 years, where the remains of thousands of burned hazelnut shells were found buried in a shallow pit.
  • Hazelnuts are used as a snack food, in baking and desserts, and in breakfast cereals such as muesli. In confectionery, they are used to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate for chocolate truffles and products such as chocolate bars and hazelnut cocoa spreads such as Nutella.


“ilçe” (district) capitalization 

  • District should always have a capital letter at the start of the sentence, or if it’s used as a proper noun i.e. the name of a place or person. So “District 9” would be capitalised, whereas “the 9th district” would remain lower case. [*1]
  • When used in a title, District of Columbia
  • When it is used as part of a proper noun. For example the name of a place.
  • Capitalize it if it’s a proper noun or beginning a sentence.
  • Don’t capitalize it if you’re using it generically, or if a style manual says not to.


  • husk

ekonomik katma değer

  • economic added value *1