Derin İngilizce

1200 Yıllık Çınar Ağacı

çınar ağacı

  • plane tree
    • a large tree with broad leaves that is often planted along streets
    • Any of various trees of the genus Platanus
  • Sycamore (bu, Amerika’da yetişen bir çınar türünün adı. Diğer adı “Batı Çınarı” şeklinde.)
  • planetree or plane tree


  • wealth
    • An abundance of valuable possessions or money
    • servet
  • richness
    • Wealth or fortune, or the state of having wealth or fortune
  • asset
    • A useful or valuable thing or person
    • kazanç, kazanç/gelir sağlayan mal
  • treasure
    • A quantity valuable objects such as precious metals, gems or currency

anıt ağaçlar

  • monumental trees
  • In order for a tree to be selected as monument, it must have historical, folkloric or mystical characteristics. Moreover, a tree with strange shape or with great dimension and age can be defined as a monumental tree. (Kaynak)

mahallesi = neighborhood

  • mahallesi translation to english
  • Other than these traditional and officially recognised mahalles or neighbourhoods, there are also quarters, or localities (in Turkish: semt) which do not have officially determined borders and the word is used in a more casual way; in sometimes referring to more than one mahalle or in others only one, which may have an official name and a traditional one, or the neighbourhood doesn’t have a neighbourhood unit and borders.
  • | List of neighbourhoods of Istanbul
    • Neighbourhoods are not considered an administrative division of the districts, but they have legally established borders and a “head man” (called muhtar in Turkish) who are elected by universal suffrage and have minor duties like certifying copies of certain documents, especially one related to the “official residence” of the people living in the neighbourhood. (Turkish legislation requires presenting an official “certificate of residence” for several needs of the citizens and resident foreigners alike; such as enrolling in electoral registers or for applying to a job that requires being a resident of the concerned district or province, or for requesting certain public or municipal services.)